About RGU Basar Alumni Association

RGUKT has been our home for six long years. We all came here when we were kids who just came out of their schools and almost everyone who landed up here today might have had the same kind of experience. The struggles in our PUC times, just to fit into this place. The never-ending rat race for GPA from the second year of PUC– Weekends, CATs and semester exams. Finally, we were busy padding our resumes with internships and projects in the final years of college. But among all these chaos and confusion, we were always a step ahead in venting out our creativity and living life to the fullest. Starting from the fresher’s day, every other fest - Tech fest, cultural fest, Annual Day, Engineers day, Sports day, teacher’s day! And not to forget, BZ Flag 😃

So, being an alumnus of a university, which has taught us so much about life, has instilled that sense of responsibility and a feeling to give back something. And hence this, a common platform for the alumni and the student which we call RGUKT Basar Alumni Association.

We aim to bring together all the alumni of RGUKT Basar and contribute to the upliftment of our university in every aspect possible. Through this platform, we would like to develop an active and engaged alumni network where we can discuss, share and foster string bond with the institute as well as our juniors through various events, initiatives and services.

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