Lecture Series on Machine Learning

ABI - Auditorium 12:00 PM

As we all know Apple buys machine learning firm Perceptio Inc., a startup, in an attempt to bring advanced image-classifying artificial intelligence to smartphones by reducing data overhead which is typically required of conventional methods and even MIT researchers were also working on object recognition through flexible machine learning. In order to recolonize the trending Advanced courses in the campus RGU-Basar Alumni Association had coordinated a workshop on “Machine Learning”. Harish Yenala and Mallikarjuna were the speakers of the workshop from Alumni. Firstly, Harish Yenala has started the talk by briefing out his past experiences being a student CSE Department on the campus and also explained the way he utilized the opportunities in the campus. He is a Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft – Hyderabad. He carried out his MS in IIIT Hyderabad. He has bagged many International Publications. He also received the Best paper award in PAKDD-2017 for his long paper titled “Convolutional-Bidirectional LSTM for Offensive Query Detection in web search”. He reminded and felt thankful for the support from the staff and the quality of education in the University which helped to reach his goal. Head of the Department of CSE felicitated both Harish and Mallikarjuna. The program was then continued after felicitation. Harish Yenala has stated his presenting starting with sharing his views on Software industries and Research areas, where he explained about the Software Industry and Software life stating that students are getting offered with very high packages if they are good with the subject. Then he gave an idea regarding Service Based/ Consultancy Companies and Product based Companies and the Common Selection Procedures they follow while recruiting. He also gave tips to crack the selection procedures. Then he started his Lecture on Machine Learning stated that Machine learning is a core sub-area of AI; it enables computers to get into self-learning mode without being explicitly programmed. He discussed some topics in Machine learning. Meanwhile, the hall was very interactive between the students and the Microsoft scientist and while ending his lecture he highly motivated the students to learn the Advanced Courses. Mr. Mallikarjuna continued the lecture by discussing some kind of programs where he felt a bit tricky with them while he is preparing for Microsoft and explained the shortcuts to solve them. Mallikarjuna being a student ECE Department, he has worked at Google and many other MNC’s in search of challenging work. Now he is planning to get into Microsoft, where he stood as an example irrespective of the branch, we can get into software industry if we are good enough with the stuff. The event was then followed by the interactive session where the good number of students turned up and clarified their doubts. Finally, the session was a good success and a mark of respect towards our University by our Alumni.


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