What our Alumni Says..??


Dr. K. Praveen Kumar

PhD @ HITLab - Newzealand Senior ML scientist G42 Healthcare

There is a great saying, “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

" Hi, I am Praveen. I completed my B.Tech. in ECE from RGUKT during 2008 to 2014. Later, I joined M.Tech. (2014-2016) at IIT Kharagpur to study medical imaging and informatics and subsequently completed my PhD (2017-2020) at HITLab New Zealand in medical image analysis. Currently, I am working as a senior ML scientist at G42 healthcare from 2020. There is a great saying, “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day... Read more


S. Shiva Priya

Flight Lieutenant Indian Air Force

RGUKT has never compromised

“ The first day I visited our college, memories of the classroom, laptops, dormitory, and new friends are still fresh in my heart. I, as a student never knew... Read more


G. Raghava Reddy

Officer ITS DOT, Ministry of Communication

RGUKT is a temple of learning

“ Hello, I'm G. Raghava Reddy. I completed integrated B.Tech (Pre University Course and B.Tech) in Electronics and Communications Engineering... Read more


Ramesh Kammula

IRSSE Officer Indian Railways

Those experiences instilled confidence in me to step out of my comfort zone.

“ Today, when I look back and reflect on where my professional journey actually started, I feel humbled by the fact that it actually started at RGUKT. It gave me immense opportunities and an ability to express myself without inhibitions. Those experiences instilled confidence in me to step out of my comfort zone, travel the country, learn about new cultures, venture into unknown territories and make a mark for myself!... Read more


Naresh Badawath

Officer - ITS 2018 DOT, Ministry of Communication

For students like me who came from rural backgrounds, it's a very big opportunity!

“ Hi… I am Badawath Naresh, an alumnus of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department(2013-2017) of RGUKT IIIT Basar. Currently, I am an officer of the Indian Telecommunications Service (ITS-2018), DoT, Ministry of Communication, Government of India. I express my sincere gratitude towards RGUKT & proud to be an alumnus of RGUKT which was established with the objective of providing a high quality of education to rural background students... Read more


J. Pavan Kumar

Scientist DRDO

All credits go to the quality of education at RGUKT Basar.

" Hello... I am J. Pavan Kumar, an ECE graduate from RGUKT-Basar of the 2008-2014 batch. Currently, I am working as a Scientist in DRDO, Government of India. With the strong foundation provided by the RGUKT curriculum, I have been placed in TCS and also cleared GATE-2014 with AIR-229 when I was in my final year of B.Tech.... Read more


T. Purushottam

Scientist ISRO

RGUKT Basar is the reason for where I stand now.

“ RGUKT Basar is not just another university where you learn the subject, graduate, and move on but it is an encyclopedia of learning where I have... Read more


Sreeshailam Guduru

Scientist (D) BARC

RGUKT Basar is the best place for a student to be in.

“ It's still a fresh memory, my first day at the college. I was afraid to be honest, looking at the people, dormitories... Read more


M. Karthikreddy

Officer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

It is like an all round development for a student.

“ M.Karthikreddy (Officer at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) MME 2010 Batch Way back in 2010 were in my teens from home with the surrounding environment of friends, family, near and dear to an environment which is completely different from my past life by much more developed hi-tech era with the top-end infrastructure and lab facilities. I have stepped into IIIT.. Read more


Team BroChill

Vernacular Content Creation Platform

The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the state.

“ Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Basar has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to a whole new augment level The infrastructure of RGUKT Basar is one of the finest is what stands out the most. The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the state... Read more


Prasad Mandati

Assistant Section Officer Ministry of Education - CSS

The infra, academics and everything at RGUKT-Basar were world-class and well ahead of our time.

" Established during the Chief Ministership of Late Dr. Y.S Rajashekhar Reddy of United Andhra Pradesh in 2008, the objective of RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGIES (RGUKT) was to ensure talented rural youth get access to high-quality technical education as the then existing all India entrance exams were not providing level-playing-field for rural youth who are deprived of facilities their peers enjoy in an urban setup. In March 2008, the Govt. of United Andhra Pradesh created three residential campuses at Basar... Read more


Aiti Naresh

Asst.Manager (ATSEP) Airports Authority of India

RGUKT has never compromised

“ After completing my SSC in the year 2008, I was confused about my future. Not enough money to go for Higher studies but the goals were high. But God showered blessings... Read more


Mende Suresh

Assistant Engineer TSGENCO

I am where I am because of RGUKT-Basar.

“ I take pride in saying that I studied at RGUKT-Basar. Apart from making my studies easy & comprehensive, it helped me excel in academics, consequently, in my career. It provided an adequate... Read more


Kumara Swamy

AEE Irrigation & CAD Dept

RGUKT-BASAR is well known for its rigorous curriculum and effective teaching methods.

“ Hello, I am Kumara Swamy, Alumni of RGUKT-BASAR, passed out in 2014, I am currently serving as Asst. Executive Engineer in Irrigation & CAD Dept. under the Govt. of Telangana. I am delighted to state that the academic knowledge discipline that was imparted in RGUKT -Basar was enormous and that gave us a head start in the competitive world to achieve different milestones. RGUKT-BASAR is well known for its rigorous curriculum which is adopted from IIT Kharagpur, implementing innovative and effective teaching methodologies... Read more


Ch. Adi Sheshu Reddy

Excise Sub Inspector

All you need is a spark, innovation and desire, the uni provides the rest!

“ I strongly believe that the university is unique and unconventional in the way it facilitates the learning and growth of thousands of students. It helps students realize and unleash their potential. All you need to have is a spark innovative ideas, and a strong desire to learn and apply your knowledge to solve real-life problems. The University provides the rest: the faculty who support and mentor you at every stage and the world-class labs and infrastructure required to perform research work and develop prototypes, competitive and inspiring bunch of fellow students...Read more


Prabha Deena Raju

Co-Founder SlideSciences

Top-notch engineering infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, modern information technology sources, and many more!

" RGUKT Basar has played an important role in shaping every student who has graduated from it. I always feel fortunate to have been one among them. Every graduate has a story to tell, an achievement to share, a lesson to share, and a lot more. I would like to talk about two big things that helped me build my career, PROBLEM SOLVING and RESPONSIBILITY... Read more


Pinninti Ramakrsihna

Management Trainee Navi Technologies

The culture at RGUKT is great!

“ I feel RGUKT is a blessing for talented youth from rural backgrounds. It gives a better platform to develop skills and acquire knowledge. From PUC to B.Tech, every year has its own way of teaching things... Read more


V. Rambabu

Business Manager IOCL

RGUKT has ensured the safety and liberty for me.

“ I entered RGUKT when I had just turned 16. In the very first week I got a glimpse of a wide range of talent on campus and it definitely was quite intimidating initially. For me, RGUKT has lots of things... Read more


Ch. Dinesh Reddy

Associate Academic Excellence Director Telangana for LEAD organisation

RGUKT is definitely a place for bright students to shine and contribute greatly to our country.

“ Hello, This is Dinesh Reddy. I have graduated from RGUKT Basar by finishing Integrated B.Tech (PUC+B.Tech) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. I finished my fellowship from Teach for India(2015-17) and am currently working as Associate Academic Excellence Director- Telangana for the LEAD organization... Read more


Srinivas Bairy

Designer Engineer BDTCI LLP

Resources available at RGUKT are highly qualitative.

“ Dear Reader, I am Srinivas, alumni of RGUKT-Basar, passed out in2015, I am currently serving as a Design Engineer at Becton Dickinson Technologies Campus India LLP. I am proud to share that the resources available at RGUKT are highly qualitative and curricula were on par with IITs and NITs. Access to NPTEL resources enables the students to have a chance to listen to the elite faculties in their discipline in India. That gave us a strong foundation to sustain in the competitive world and grow as individuals while contributing to the world...Read more


Naresh Reddy Panuganti

Software Developer Vanguard

RGUKT -Basar was enormous and that gave us a head start.

" Hello, I am Naresh Reddy Panuganti, Alumni of RGUKT-BASAR, who passed out in the year of 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Currently, I am living in Dallas, Texas, and working as a Software Developer in Vanguard Mutual funds which is one of the world’s largest investment companies. I am delighted to state that the academic knowledge, discipline that was imparted in... Read more


Rajashekar Avuti

Senior Scientific Officer ICRISAT

RGUKT provided me the roots to grow.

“ I am Rajashekar Avuti, alumni of RGUKT-Basara, passed out in2014, I am currently working as Senior Scientific Officer at ICRISAT-Hyderabad. I would just like... Read more

What our RGUKT students says..??

RGUKT Basar has got one of the best infrastructural facilities and brilliant faculty, a technical university can have. Being a major part of RGUKT family, the alumni association has not only bridged the differences between a senior and a junior but also creates an environment where the past experiences meets the future expectations to build the pillars of a better academic environment. I am really lucky and proud to be a part of this Alumni Association not only because I’m an undergraduate pursing Bachelors, but because of the things I have learned over here.


Alumni are like the branches of a tree, where different branches scatter across the same tree supporting the young generations of branches ultimately making a tree healthy and stronger.

Divya Nagireddy